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OFFICIALLY A FORBES FELLOW! | Under 30 Summit 2018 | Boston, MA #TravelVlog

♡Watch in HD 1080 | Details below (Non-Sponsored)♡

Hey friends! This vlog documents my trip (9/30-10/4) to Boston, MA for the Forbes Under 30 Summit. I, Janera Rose, your Beauty Bff, was accepted into the #ForbesFellow program and invited to Boston to attend the summit. ✨


The summit happens every year and is open to the public, but to be chosen and invited to a conference of this magnitude? DREAMS DO COME TRUE! ✨


I give a little backstory and pep talk in the first few minutes, then I show you around Boston and the cool happenings at the conference. Although it was my first time in Boston, I absolutely loved it and would definitely come back. I met sooo many beautiful and talented young people within my age group that are currently doing amazing things and on the trajectory to change the world; I'm now honored to call many of them a "friend." This year has been life-changing for me and I'm so excited to share one of this year's biggest blessings with you guys. I hope you enjoy this video!


Thank you again to the Forbes, Forbes 30 Under 30 and Women at Forbes team for the opportunity! More about the event:

P.S. There is a snippet of me doing my full face makeup routine in this video. Yes, I recorded the entire thing and it'll be up *prayerfully* before this week is over. If life (and my schedule) get crazy, next Monday. ❤️


I hope you find this video helpful - If so, thumbs it UP.

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If you any comments or questions, please leave them below. 💕

Thanks for all of the support - it means the world to me!


Janera 🌹


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