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Behind The Scenes: My 30th Birthday Lifestyle Photo Shoot Vlog

#DirtyThirty | Watch me get glam'd up for my birthday lifestyle shoot. For inspiration, please read me! #PhotoshootBTS #InstagramPhotoshoot #NaturalLightingPhotoshoot #Best30thBirthdayEVER #30thBirthdayGetReadyWithMe

♡Watch in HD 1080 | Details below (Non-Sponsored)♡

Hey friends! 👋🏾 In this super quick but super cute vlog, I'm sharing with you some #bts footage from my latest photo shoot for my 30th BIRTHDAYYYYY (June 21st - Gemini/Cancer cusp)!!!! Mutha is getting old(er), but also very much looking forward to the exciting and life-changing adventures that this new decade will bring! I'm still working on being comfortable in front of the camera because nowadays content is life, and by trade I'm always behind the camera - I think I'm getting better at this (I hope, lol).

Word of advice: If you're still venturing through the gorgeous yet confusing dumpster fire that is your 20's, I just encourage you to keep going. Your 20's can be hard, and scary, and frustrating, and you will sometimes find yourself broke as hell and broken, but I promise you that it gets better! Now is the time to learn, make mistakes and try new things that will ultimately set the foundation for all of the love, joy and success that is still to come. Stay out too late. Excessively treat yourself. Play hooky from school and work in the name of self-care (but don't tell your professor or your boss that I told you to). Travel as often as you can, even if all you can afford is a bus trip to a new part of town. Read a lot. Pray A LOT (if you're into that kind of thing). Date without expectation. Make new friends. Fearlessly go after your dreams, and whatever you do, alwayssss keep your family or trusted friends on speed dial for when $hit gets real. ❤️

**Also, I SWEAR that my 2 year post-big chop and rice water update video will be up next. I had so much footage to edit and it's still over 30 minutes long. I'm trying to make it as short as possible but as detailed as I possibly can. #pleaseprayforyoursis **

I hope you find this video helpful - If so, thumbs it UP. Cut those notification ON, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE! If you any comments or questions, please leave them below. 💕

Love, Janera 🌹

:: Credits ::

Location: Pagoda Penthouse | Baltimore, MD - I purchased the full space rental for $145 vs. a single room starting at $49. Owners: Kaela & Chris - Thoughtful, generous and friendly with quick/helpful responses. Would HIGHLY recommend them and their space! They even surprised me with a birthday bottle of bubbly - very delicious gesture! :) IG: Listing:

Photographer: Schaun of Fluffy Pop Postcards IG: Website: Always professional, always willing to *gently* push me out of my comfort zone.


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