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How To: Quick & Easy Headwrap/Turban Tutorial | 5 Different Styles

♡Watch in HD 1080 | Details + Products below (Non-Sponsored)♡ Hey friends! In today's tutorial I'm teaching you FIVE different ways to style your head wraps and turbans. Most of these looks are created with scarves that I've owned for many years, some that I even use on a regular basis to protect my hairstyles and edges at night. I figured this video would be a different but fun addition to my usual styling videos. Also beneficial for those days that you don't feel like being bothered with your hair a.k.a. "bad hair days" (which I don't really believe that any day is a bad hair day because having hair is a blessing that we can sometimes take for granted.) _______

I hope you find this video helpful - If so, thumbs it UP. Cut those notification ON, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE! If you any comments or questions, please leave them below. 💕 Thanks for all of the support - it means the world to me! Love, Janera 🌹


♡ Product Details ♡

♡ Look One: Ethnic Cloth Fabric -African Kente | JOANN Fabric & Crafts (2 Yards) | Trust me, I KNOW what you're thinking, lol. I do have an authentic Ankara printed scarf that I couldn't find so I used this cloth that was intended for a future tutorial backdrop. So if you see it again, you know why. *wink* ♡

♡ Look Two: Gifted by my previous roommate, Amaya | Gifted to her by an ex's family member, now loved and adored by me.

♡ Look Three: I have no idea who or where I got this scarf, but if it's yours, dm me: I can't promise that you'll get it back, but I would love to know who it originally belonged to. It's like a brown girl rite-of-passage to borrow scarves during sleepovers then go on to love, cherish and WEAR said scarf for years to come. I used clean socks to create height but you're more than welcome to use whatever you have. Washcloths works as well. ♡

♡ Look Four: H&M | At least 5 years old ♡

♡ Look Five: Beauty supply store | At least 2 years old ♡


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