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How To: Low Cut Caesar | Dad Does My Voiceover | Hilarious AF!

♡Watch in HD 1080 | Details below (Non-Sponsored)♡

Hey y'all. In this week's tutorial I'm showing you how to do a low cut caesar and I have a SPECIAL GUEST, Daddy Rose, who does his own voiceover. I figured that this would be a cute idea in honor of his birthday that just passed. #VirgoSeason. To be clear: I am a licensed beauty professional, but I AM NOT A BARBER; He just likes for me to cut his hair because I'm quick and it's free, lol. Low cut caesars are pretty easy to do, but cleaning up the hairline is not my ministry so I just follow what's there and keep it moving. I will however share my actual steps on how to achieve a basic men's buzz cut below because he never really talks about it...he just goes on a hilarious rant. None of this was scripted which makes it even funnier!


I hope you find this video helpful - If so, thumbs it UP. Cut those notification ON, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE. If you enjoyed my dad, please tell him in the comments below as I'm sure it will make his day! 💕 Thanks for all of the support - it means the world to me!

Love, Janera 🌹


♡ Products Shown + Step-By-Step Instructions, Tips & Tricks ♡

♡ Wahl Clippers| Home Pro 24-Piece Haircutting Kit (His own fave)

♡ Andis | Speedmaster Trimmers ( My professional fave)

♡ 1. Drape your client and comb the hair in the direction it grows, "with the grain". During this time your should be analyzing the scalp and growth patterns. *Pro Tip: Always do a consultation first so that you're on the same page. Have them sign a waiver if necessary.* ♡

2. Begin cutting in an upward scooping motion, starting at the nape (back, bottom of the head) to the crown (top, middle of the head). Work from side3 to side. *PRO TIP: I cut against the grain because his clippers are weak af, but don't cut against the grain if you want waves.*

♡ 3. Go over the entire head 2-3x to ensure that your cut is even and use a cutting comb or brush to remove excess hair throughout.

♡ 4. Dust away excess hair from cape/towels and shoulder area.

♡ 5. Use trimmer to follow along natural hairline, sharpen the existing hairline. If you aren't comfortable going barber style with reconstructing the hairline during the shape-up, less IS more! *Pro Tip: Use the comb to act as a guard when removing any bulk.* Gently fold the ear to ensure that you remove hair that's hidden in plain sight.

♡ 6. Even the sideburns. *Pro Tip: Sometimes standing in front of the client helps with evenness.* Ask the client what shape they'd prefer around the nape (rounded, square or natural).

♡ 7. Wipe around the hairline and neck with alcohol or witch hazel to avoid bumps, infection, hyper-pigmentation and permanent discoloration.

♡ 8. Shampoo and moisturize if desired.


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