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How To: Clipper Haircut (Undercut) | Faded & Blended With Scissors

Hey guys! Here's my step-by-step clipper cut technique. With these pro-tips and tricks, you can achieve just about any short haircut, such as the "undercut" or "pompadour" haircut. My lovely model today is my #SetLife4Life friend, Natalie aka "Nat Nat", whom does grip and electric work on Television, Film and Commercial projects. Check her out on IG:

I'm super excited about this tutorial because it features my new intro (that I created all by myself; with the help of a few YouTube videos, of course). I've also incorporated a few pop-ups throughout the video with tips that I've learned along my journey - I hope they can help! I plan to add more in my future videos, unless you guys absolutely hate it. Haha.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Thanks for your continued support! Xo.


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