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1 Year Post Big Chop Salon Visit | Shape & Curl Type 4 Natural Hair

♡Watch in HD 1080 | Details below♡

Hey guys! It's officially been ONE YEAR since my big chop. To celebrate, you've watched me blow dry and straighten my hair (, you've watched me trim my own hair (, and this week I'm taking you to the salon with me to get it shaped and styled. While my trim turned our really well, after a year's time my hair desperately needed some shape and I decided on heavier layers.

My childhood friend, sister, fellow cosmetologist and salon owner, Reesie, was the perfect person for the job and also the only person I allow near my hair with shears. We have a system," I cut you and you cut me" and it's been that way for yearsss. And you knows she's bad with the shears when I travel alllll the way from NYC to Baltimore just to get my hair done, haha. Anyway, watch Ressie shape my natural hair, layer my natural hair and curl my type 4 natural hair. Should you be in the DMV, and looking for a stylist, below you will find her information (& tell her Nera sent you).


Serene Shampoo Lounge

911 E Fort Ave

Baltimore Md 21230

Head Cosmetologist: Reesie Hicks


Open 6 days a week

Appointments only

Call 443-272-1439 for appointments

IG: @sereneloungebaltimore


I hope you find this video helpful - If so, thumbs it UP. Cut those notification ON, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE.

Thanks for all of the support - it means the world to me!


Janera 🌹

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